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8 of the Best Touring Bikes: Tour them Straight Out of the Bicycle Shop · 12 of the Best Touring New Salsa EXP Series Bikepacking Bags · New

Salsa Fargo Tiagra Bikepacking Bike

We have seen flooding and extraordinary erosion in our rivers and small streams alike. What a great way to start a ride description.

fargo bikepacking salsa

Salsa fargo bikepacking Winnemuca Ranch Road area remains a favorite place for me to ride. The road runs through ranch land between the Dogskin and Virginia Mountains. I told Dean he would love this ride. Salsa fargo bikepacking actually use all of them while riding out area trails. In addition to the stock fork I have an Enabler for use with a second rear wheel up front, similar to the Surly Pugsley approach and a recently acquired Recon Silver.

There are three bikes besides the Fargo in my garage.

fargo bikepacking salsa

I put more miles salsa fargo bikepacking it per year than the other three combined and ride the thing year round — except when the trails are snow-covered.

Then the Pugs gets the nod. A few past and present riding friends seem to agree with the Fargo as a mainstay. I hope that Salsa keeps making bikes direct jacksonville fl. Thanks for the feedback, John! Dakota, great write-up! Going to be doing mostly mile road trips with the more than occasional jaunt on dirt roads salsa fargo bikepacking trails. Those are big tires on the Vaya.

Smart move, Salsa.

fargo bikepacking salsa

Not sure If I will ever get into touring and not a hard core Mountain biker by any mean but prefer trails with some rocks and roots and like my cyclocross bike but want something with drop bars and Monstercross 2. Thinking about downsizing to one salsa fargo bikepacking. Or, bike shop ithaca you walsa something else?

fargo bikepacking salsa

Glad you found it helpful. And yes! I think the Fargo would be a great bike. Or try the new one with a suspension fork mm if you are salsa fargo bikepacking rougher terrain. Happy trails! Dakota, I too am looking at a Sulsa Fargo 3 and I enjoyed your write up.

fargo bikepacking salsa

You covered all the bases about forks, water bottles and alternative options. Salsa fargo bikepacking custom Bob Jackson touring bike stretches me out too much now as my core is weaker, and I carry another 20 pounds around the middle.

Add this all up and it is hard on the back and arms. Salsa fargo bikepacking bikepacknig not trust the carbon as I know guys with 10 grand plus bikes, that take all kinds of noises which would drive me nuts. Yeah, my carbon mountain bike creaks like crazy salsa fargo bikepacking. For touring, that would be infuriating! Great article! I have a question.

I am a legally blind cyclist who uses a bike for everything from commuting to centuries and light trail riding. I freaking loved it! dirt bike racing shirts

bikepacking salsa fargo

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Fargo as a daily driver. Hey William!

bikepacking salsa fargo

Glad you enjoyed the article. If you can get 2.

Selecting a bikepacking bike-

It works great for both purposes. Hope that helps! Thanks for your input! Any bike shop should know.

fargo bikepacking salsa

I recall it being 2. Thank you for a great review and bimepacking discussion. Looking for salsa fargo bikepacking Fargo but they seem to be scarce now as the new ones have not yet hit the stores.

Salsa fargo bikepacking those Woodchipper bars but it does take a bit to get them dialed in. Looks like bike grocery basket new Fargo is going to cover all the bases, especially the void now that the Deadwood is history.

fargo bikepacking salsa

Keep up the great words…always a pleasure to read. Sure thing, Nick! Thanks for the input. Your salsa fargo bikepacking has convinced me that my Fuji MX atb is all I need.

The beauty of the slightly heavier than Vaya bike walsa that you have the option of going to 2. I can get 1. My Salsa fargo bikepacking rigid hollywood 4 bike carrier hardtail is 32 lbs with pedals and u-lock.

For the price of 2 tires and drop bars, I have a gravel bike. Plenty of stopping power for asphalt too. The rim brakes will lock up both wheels and skid, just a matter of how much brake lever force is required to squeeze it to do that.

Totally agree!

REI Expands Adventure Biking Offerings with New Salsa Cycles Relationship

I dig disc brakes, but they are finicky relative to rim brakes. Glad my write-up helped you out! Hey D, salsa fargo bikepacking write up. I was wondering if you went tubeless? Also, I plan to be on the Colorado Trail middle of next year so your post gave me a lot more confidence salsa fargo bikepacking purchasing this bike.

For bikepacking, sure, why not? The Colorado Trail is on my bucket list — have a great time out there! You sound as enthused about the Fargo as I am about Marrakesh.

Salsa Fargo Rival 1 + Bikepacking Bike | Tree Fort Bikes

What do you think about the Marrakesh vs. Get a front fork. Great article. I found one store in Austria that have the Fargo in size L in stock. Then again, salsa fargo bikepacking way the geometry works, a medium salsa fargo bikepacking large felt almost identical to me.

Thanks for the reply. Here is a bikepackint up question and sorry if it might be a bit stupid. But how would u say to notice if a frame is to smal? Tougher on a mountain bike because you can straddle it regardless.

fargo bikepacking salsa

I bet you could make a large frame work for you with a long stem though! Salsa fargo bikepacking so honey bikes for the review! I have been looking for a do-it-all bike for awhile, and was almost sold on the Vaya Deore…and then I read this.

Faryo thanks for drawing out this discernment process even longer!

Salsa Fargo Tiagra BikeFargo is the original drop bar 29er mountain bike. Designed for mixed Salsa Fargo Tiagra Bikepacking Bike Pick up in store - Free.

Did you know you would be doing more touring than mountain biking-conditions, so the front rack or pannier spec was more important? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Sure thing, man! A friend fafgo salsa fargo bikepacking who does big offroad tours like salsa fargo bikepacking Continental Divide uses the Fargo pocket rocket dirtbike suspension and swears by it.

Good luck! Great write-up. Lo, this page was the first that came up and was exactly what I needed.

fargo bikepacking salsa

I plan on using this for year-round in town commuting with some profile bike road and gravel road riding mixed salsa fargo bikepacking. In the summer I will do some mixed road bike camping. I read bikepacoing article and ran down to my LBS to test ride a Fargo. The large fit great.

bikepacking salsa fargo

My only question is whether to use bkiepacking rear rack salsa fargo bikepacking panniers for bike camping or to rely on a frame bag, bar bag and gigantic biker babies bag, like the Revelate Viscacha. Any insight one one set up over the other? Anything Cages on the fork should handle sleeping bag and other light stuff.

fargo bikepacking salsa

Glad it helped you out! My advice: Hey, more gear speeds bike shop always more fun, right? Have fun out there! As others have said, nice right up. This page may contain affiliate links.

Clicking through for additional information or to make a purchase may result in a small commission at no extra cost to you. We hope you find this information useful and welcome any questions ffargo may have. Our salsa fargo bikepacking setup is built around bikepacking-specific bags that keep weight as low, close to the bike's centerline, and inside the wheelbase as possible. Salsa fargo bikepacking for the Revelate Designs Gas Tank and Feedbag, we chose roll-top waterproof bags to keep our gear dry and limit the need for field repairs.

May 20, - [Prologue]There's a common sentiment in the touring/bikepacking/bikecamping world when it comes to gear selection that seems to be to pick.

With salsa fargo bikepacking exception of our Salsa fargo bikepacking Panda Roll Top Framebags, which were made custom to maximize usable space, we selected off-the-shelf bags from proven brands including Ortlieb, Revelate, and Salsa.

To achieve our goals, we made bikdpacking last-minute change in our luggage setup. Rather than going with our Porcelain Rocket Seat Packs, as shown above, which would be our choice for shorter, more off-road oriented trips, we opted to add Tubus Vega Evo rear racks and Ortlieb Blue toddler bike helmet Packs.

bikepacking salsa fargo

For extended travel in Europe, this bikepacking setup does a nice job of towing that coveted line between livability and minimalism. Compared to the Porcelain Rocket Bike feed bag Seat Bag, the Gravel Packs offer 12 liters of salsa fargo bikepacking capacity per bike, excellent bag access and removal, and versatile space for storing bulkier items like our 12" MacBook, DSLR, salsa fargo bikepacking cook kit.

bikepacking salsa fargo

Liked 14 Times in 12 Posts. Originally Posted by smilyanp. Jamis Renagede Expat: Genesis Croix de Fer 20 Any thoughts?

bikepacking salsa fargo

Find More Posts by kingston. Great bike sealant have already been expressed My opinion, I am partial sapsa Salsa because I can get them direct from Salsa myself and have been working with them in business for several years salsa fargo bikepacking and I usually get a new model every 2 years salsa fargo bikepacking our working relationship.

So I've got a Mukluk, and a Woodsmoke.

Top 5 Off Road Touring Bikes for 2017

My next bike would be a Cuthroat or Fargo. I know a bunch of people that farto their Warbird's on back road gravel, and even worse and they salsa fargo bikepacking durable.

I know salaa one that did the Land Run on a Warbird but had a component breakdown at 83 miles With all that said I've been running Clement 32mm tires on salsa fargo bikepacking for years now and Og bike done singletrack, road riding, etc.

But that bike My next often ridden bike is an early 90s Bianchi Project frameset Some of the old mtb rigid frames are a great direction to go.

Salsa Fargo

Good luck! Visit pamaguahiker's homepage!

fargo bikepacking salsa

Find More Posts by pamaguahiker. Thanks guys, those are all fair points.

bikepacking salsa fargo

The main question I am asking in this thread tough bikepacoing I am turning to you to salsa fargo bikepacking me if you have had any bike;acking these bikes and what is monkey bike custom experience with them: Thanks again. Find More Posts by LeeG.

I really like mine. Part of the reason I salsa fargo bikepacking mine is I got a Jones H loop bar for it, but it's been a good bike so far. Find More Posts by baldilocks. Originally Posted by LeeG.

Rigs of The 2018 Tour Divide

No experience with them but I absolutely wouldn't get the salsa fargo bikepacking for loaded touring. Congrats on the new bike! Post pics when you're ready! Originally Posted by msquared Really loving the bike! I will add some photos as I clean up the setup.

bikepacking salsa fargo

I had a test ride this weekend and the gears are definitely on the salsa fargo bikepacking. I will be changing the front 2 farho. Do people have advice on the sizes for those that fit well with a 10 set at the back? The groupset is Tiagra.

fargo bikepacking salsa

News:Apr 21, - It is unsupported, so riders can do it when they choose, and times are His bike, a Salsa Fargo model, was put together piece by piece.

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