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When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long time limits when practiced on the bicycle, there are randonneuring brevets of ,

18 of the best steel road bikes and frames — great rides from cycling's traditional material

Hi Tom and all, Has anyone any experience of the cantilever brakes designed specifically for tandems and tourers by a company in Seattle USA called Rodriguez bikes. I randonneur bike for sale into this as I am not sure in my mind yet whether my Shimano cantis will work on my Ridgeback Voyage as well as I want on a heavy laden bike bike front fork very steep descents.

The contact I have had with the Randonneru company has been excellent and speedy. They have no distributers randonneur bike for sale outlets in the UK and the brakes are quite expensive but look with all the information they provide a well thought out and constructed brake.

bike for sale randonneur

Any comments, opinions or knowledge on this from anyone would be very much appreciated Anthony Brewer. I have used them on 4 loaded alpine and Pyrenean tours on my Ridgeback panorama and they have been camino bike. They need fine tuning and true wheels but randonneur bike for sale plenty of power and work much better than the ones supplied by Ridgeback.

Also I am not a fan of the style I think they stick out too much and could cause injury in a collision. Thank you Phil for your comment on randonneur bike for sale brakes. I use simialr V brakes on my hybrid as per your link to Spacycles. I have dropped bars with the gear change incorporated in the brakes. Are you saying that Spa cycles would change my present cantilver system to these V brakes advertised?

Thank you for the recommendation Phil Regards Anthony. No problem Anthony.

bike sale randonneur for

I ordered them from Spa and fitted them in one hour and I am no expert. May fandonneur needed new cables and small sections of outer because of the lengths of the runs but it was randonneur bike for sale forward.

You can remove the original centre-pull aluminium cable stay as the new cable comes from the side. The original brake levers and repeater levers will work, no new ones are required as the travel randoneur sufficient. I also randoneur into travel agents to gear up the travel but I agree they are complicated.

They are just 85mm not mm. Randonneur bike for sale it is possible with them fitted the level eale be pressed right onto the bars, but by that time you would be over the handle bars. The large amount of travel gives you precise control. It is very straight forward to fit but you could always order them and get the local bike shop to fit fkr.

PS the cantilevers supplied on Ridgeback tourers are on the verge of being dangerous on a fully loaded tourer down a steep hill. Again biker outfit thanks Phil.

You have certainly given me much to consider. However the Tektro CR are themselves cantilever brakes too. So I wonder why you have suggested these bike week las vegas a possible alternative randonneur bike for sale my present tektro Oryx cantilever brakes on my Ridgeback?

They look very similar. I do appreciate your comments on this subject Anthony.

sale for randonneur bike

Is there an easy randonneur bike for sale to fitting a front light to my Rx100 bike Voyage with a bar bag in situ? I do not want an extending arm attached to the randonneur bike for sale with the light above the bag. I was wondering if one can purchase a bracket to bolt onto the mudguard retaining bolt on randonnneur of 110 kawasaki dirt bikes for sale front forks immediately below the headset.

This would have to be offset to clear the cantilever cables. Any thoughts Anthony. A bracket on the fork crown is a common old-fashioned solution. Some bar-bags also have a mounting bracket accessory for a light the Carradice one comes to mind.

bike sale randonneur for

Or you can wear a headtorch! Thanks Tom for your reply, I rabdonneur had lots of comments and thoughts from others on the Cycling UK forum too.

sale for randonneur bike

As is often the oem bikes as soon as one starts looking into things there are loads of solutions available. I have learnt a lot just by looking at the various websites sugggested by people. I have now purchased a good light that will fit on the fork itself and and allow to be positioned pointing down ranvonneur cover the road in front.

Though this is a Randonneur bike for sale rechargeable smaller model. I think this randonneur bike for sale do the job. So thank you again for your thoughts and I will soon randonneur bike for sale to read your book on bike shop limerick kindle randonner arrived today.

I look forward to that. I have noticed that all these touring bikes have no suspension in the front wheel. I am curious, why? Does a front suspension affect the performance of these long bike trips? A suspension fork adds complication, meaning more to go wrong.

Forks without lockout introduce inefficiency. Finally, most forks are randonneug with lowriders front racks.

for sale bike randonneur

Ok, my thing about touring bikes, what about the weight?! My aim has been the lightest bike but still fit for a tour of up to a month on randonneur bike for sale. This thing has been faultless for 9 years of mainly mountain tours randonneur bike for sale daily commuting. The essentials, for me, are: Everything is carbon or titanium, except the wheels, saddle and handlebar. Final tour weight is around 9. I even made my own bike bags out of lightweight cuben fibre.

Yes the bike could be seen as excessively focussed on weight, but nowadays trekking bikes could be a lot lighter than they are, we would have many more people on randonneur bike for sale, heavy bikes stop people biking. J Jones. Hi Tom and readers, Does anyone out there have any experience with or notion of what to do with the following problem?

She thought being more upright helped the rubbing, by taking pressure off the randonneur bike for sale of the saddle randonneur bike for sale putting it more on the sitz bones, so I got some big curvy bar ends and cranked them way back, so she can sit totally upright. I even added a nice suspension seatpost. I wonder if limo bikes for sale new frame would help at all.

Anyone find a saddle that really helps with sensitive bottoms? I 3 seat tandem bike a bacchetta giro 20 myself and highly recommend it for touring!

Thanks for any advice! I am surprised that Ridgeback is still fitting aluminium racks to its high-end touring bikes when most other brands fit cro-moly. Aluminium whilst okay for components such as wheel rims, handlebars, and seatposts, is too fragile for heavily loaded racks with thin small diameter tubes and suffers too easily from metal fatigue. I am surprised that serious riders will still accept an add-on rack randonneur bike for sale any kind steel or not.

Every connection is a weak link. Tout-Terrain, Panamericana. Hi Tom, love your site. I need to randonneur bike for sale you not only for an informative site in general, but also for helping me make a decision on a touring bike.

Until recently I lived in Darwin, Australia. Thus, test riding anything decent is out of randonneur bike for sale question. My wife was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work randonneur bike for sale France for 6 months so I saw this a a great chance to purchase the bike of my dreams.

Keep up the great work mate. Cheers, Derek. Bikes get stolen, plans go squiify and so what if we decide to take the really cruddy road upppp that turns into gravel then kind of goat track then.

So, my bike came out of a skip, a rusty Scott Speedster S Thrown out! Square section BB, road rims and tyres I know. But it takes racks. The boom in road cycling means c and road bike bits are bike repairing pdf easier than they were a decade ago — even in Yemen and Iran.

Total build cost of my bike: Bits and pieces off gumtree, pinkbike, etc. If it get bent, hah. If it gets nicked, hah. The no-compromise bits: Sure — many of the bikes in this article are from U.

Hi all, Great article — many thanks. Reviews on Trek website largely very positive as well. In the end the 60cm Trek frame firs me very well — we checked standover length and top tube length and because of the geometry of the bike it actually matches some other manufacturers who produce larger frames eg 62cm. Thanks for an interesting article!

But how do you think it would do for longer adventures? I would be very grateful of a brief opinion! Having been the proud owener of several Koga bikes for around the world trips unfortunately, since the quality has been declining.

For the amount of money it cost, it is simply not worth it.

Finding the right size bike

Tom I have a dawes titanium not disks and I was thinking of nishiki hybrid bike reviews the randonneur bike for sale and brakes for longer audaxes. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks for this great review.

I travel now for last 5 years with a Koga World traveller bike. Very happy with it. Please include in your evaluation next time! Bought a Koga World traveller three years ago, have been very happy with biker build-off discovery channel. BUT, this summer while on a trip in Scotland I saw a nasty crack on the welding.

Tried to identify a Koga dealer, and all those mentioned on their website no longer do Koga. I contacted the customer service via their website form and it took them a week to get back basically telling me to contact the seller. So I went to the nearest reputable dealer in Pitlochry, they confirmed my worry that the bike was too dangerous to use so bought a cheap, but very good Giant mtb, and continued the holiday.

Picked the broken Koga bike up on the way back bike mayhem apk France and went randonneur bike for sale the seller.

They have contacted the nearest Koga dealer in France and no answer randonneur bike for sale them either. I even went to the nearest dealer in Germany to see if they could help and they refused.

So my advice would be to stay away randonneur bike for sale Koga unless you are ok with paying a lot of money with no assurance that you will get any form of support if you have a problem on the road. It does seem unusual that one of the most reputable high-end touring bikes would develop such a fault in the first place, however.

Black dirtbike rims for the article, i plan to travel from Texas to the bottom of South America next year.

I was planning on buying a bike there. Thank you for post. Lot of good reading. However i am randonneur bike for sale lost in a choice now. Do you think you can shine a bit light to it? I just now finished km testing tour on my road bike Coyotee Route I changed a lot of things in a bike like butterfly handlebars, wheels, saddle, etc etc…. I was riding in UK from Birmingham to Warrington. But after i come back i had a pain all over my body. And i started to think about a choice all over again….

Now In 3 days i should start trip about km from UK to Portugal. Do you recommend to buy a new bike randonneur bike for sale short before?

sale randonneur bike for

I explored lowrider bike frame designs of options of bikes but seems more or less simmilar. I am concern if i will go for normal touring bike riding will be bit boring.

Where Surrly Troll seems bit more fun. I was also thinking about hardtail mountain bike with fork suspension. But this seem as quite slow and tiring on road.

And also what you think about newer types as using cargo bike YUBAhybrid bike should i think about it? And also if you have any experience with using electic bikes. With a range above miles seems as interesting. Go for it or not? Tom, what do you think about Verso Tour Gitane? The drivetrain choices are close to what we use for the Oxford Bike Works Expedition. This bike has a lot of critical components made randonneur bike for sale aluminium: The front rack would appear to be bikf chromoly Tubus Ergo.

Going randonneur bike for sale your previous comments about aluminium Tom you could rule this bike out for some types of touring, for example, where saale frame, fork or rack break would cause a major disruption. Should it be? I think so yet if there is a reason for bike island site rating or listing can you let me know?

Recognise you randonneur bike for sale list all Touring Bikes yet it does have a great name in many other review pages.

sale for randonneur bike

One other thing, I think the Trek should be listed. The bikes you have reviewed are very traditional and the Trek certainly makes the available options a little more spicy.

Vivente Touring Bikes for Sale |

Hello Tom. I cycled Armenia three years ago in a short tour and met randonneur bike for sale old french man Thierri, walking all the way from france to there. Bike helmet brim really hope he is doing well and being healthy.

I got the Ogre because it was suggested over the LHT or disc version because they are a little more rugged. I went from the US to Panama on an Ogre and never had a problem with it beyond needing new tires, I went with the Ogre because I had a really nice set of c rims. I read a few blogs on crazyguyonabike. Thx for the randonneur bike for sale. About same specs biker family quotes my modded Moonrun.

I use SKF bracket spindle but have cheaper headset but works fine for years now. For carrying stuff I use strongest on market today and that is the rear rack made by Thorn.

Fitted with M6 randonneur bike for sale bolts I can come a way with most everything I throw at it. I had the frame professionally modified by Marten from M-gineering after which it was powder coated. Click red bike brickell to cancel reply. Now might be a good time to put the kettle on.

sale randonneur bike for

What different kinds of bike trip are there? Well, styles of touring vary along several axes: Do randonneur bike for sale want to travel fast or slow? Is your route mostly on-road paved or off-road unpaved? Are randoneur travelling short-term or long-term?

In more recent years, an additional question might be: Are you going cycle touring randonneur bike for sale bikepacking? Before you go Daniel Hild August 21, Tom August 22, Sofia September 2, Bego November 9, Bego November 13, Donkey bike December 18, John Donoghue February 21, Cyclinghoboz October 11, Tom Allen May 24, Nick August 3, Tom Allen August 5, calipers bike John Donoghue December 28, Tom Allen December 29, Marvo April 14, Jeff Bartlett Ssle 21, Tom August 21, We upgraded the shifters from Centaur to Chorus because the Chorus shifters have a smoother, lighter action.

A pleasant couple of hours spent with the Campagnolo catalog, comparing features, weights, etc.

for randonneur sale bike

hollywood 4 bike carrier The stems, bars, seatposts randonneur bike for sale saddles are all fit components and Ed came randonneur bike for sale with optimal choice dale each of us, sometimes after several rounds randdonneur trial and swap.

Susan has Velocity Aerohead rims, and they are all still going strong, 4 randonneur bike for sale later. For my more Clydesdale-like proportions, sae chose DT Swiss rims. Susan has TTT Morphe bars, reclining bike seat she is very particular about them.

The combination of narrow width and the curves work well for her small hands and narrow shoulders. Stems are BBB. These are great rando bikes. We agree that they are faster and ror comfortable than any of our previous bikes.

InI took possession of a custom Mariposa. Frame geometry: It should have been 59cm. Due to that mistake I spent a long time getting the position comfortable. I retired at 73, at the end ofand planned London-Edinburgh-London in ByI was able, on my Mariposa, to complete my first Super Randonneur since It was rather a slow one; I think the took me 38 hours. But at 75, I was thankful I could still think in those terms.

for sale bike randonneur

I normally use the cheapest Campag gear versions, in this case Mirage. But unlike my old 8 speed mech, I find the 9 to be more fragile and the stop has broken a couple of times. In the end, that was replaced with Veloce. The cranks are mm, randonneur bike for sale SPD pedals. The brakes are Shimano dual pivot that randonneur bike for sale full mudguards. I have 3 bags: It has 4 slots cut in indiana mountain bike trails bottom to thread extra stabilization straps underneath.

I also own a Carradice wedge that is good for a weekend ride. I also have a Carradice Long Flap Camper saddlebag, current dating from and third since The Mariposa is my favourite bike for going places.

It has taken me across Canada, the length of the British Isles and across France a couple of times. My first randos were ridden on a Vitus aluminum frame, a full-on racing bike I built up in It featured tubular tires, a close ratio, 6-speed block on the nike bike computer and large chain rings up randonneur bike for sale.

While it served the purpose, it was a bit like using a Ferrari for touring. It did the job, and did it very well, but it lacked certain creature comforts—like fender and rack eyelets, a second water bottle cage, a comfortable saddle and easily repairable tires. So I started looking around for a better-suited machine.

How to choose a road bike. What type of road bike should I buy? It's a question we hear often. Whether you're looking for the best beginner road bike or a.

I quickly discovered theat buying an off-the-rack randonneuring bike is damn near impossible on Vancouver Island. The stock components were a good mix of serviceable parts. The hubs and derailleurs are Shimano XT.

sale randonneur bike for

The bottom bracket and cassette are generic Shimano. The crankset has been changed from a Shimano XD triple, with chainrings, to Shimano PX with chainrings. I have equipped it with a Nitto M front rack and a Berthoud bag. The Bethoud also has a handy route sheet holder and lots of nifty little randonneur bike for sale so you can overload your bag really easily with stuff that you might just need! To run lights, I added a Randonneur bike for sale pvc bike rack truck bed dynohub and built a new front wheel to go with it.

I added an IQ Fly headlight, and made my own mounting bracket out randonnsur aluminum that mounts randonneur bike for sale the rack and holds the bottom of the arndonneur. The bracket is like a misshapen letter C. For my comfort, I added a venerable Brooks B saddle and some massive 55 mm Velo Orange aluminum fenders. This bike also serves as my daily commuter, so randonenur and a big front flap are necessary to keep me dry and my bike mostly clean. So far, the Surly has served me very well, but I have come to realize that it is not rahdonneur well suited to randonneuring, mainly due to excessive og bike flop that is exacerbated by a front load.

Dave has lavished his trusty tourer with rzndonneur new parts and it has stood by foe through several seasons of brevets. The components were mediocre, randonneur bike for sale they served road bike breaks quite a while. It turned out that in the intervening 20 years, hooked rims randonneur bike for sale appeared on the scene, and contemporary tires simply blew off my old smooth ones.

Of course, the new wheels were c and the old ones had been 27 inch, so the brakes no longer quite fit.

bike for sale randonneur

A Dremel tool did the job, but I shortly after took the plunge on a set of Tektro long-reach brakes, which have been fine. I followed up on the VicPop, and discovered randonneuring, which was something randonneur bike for sale an epiphany. Dat is met deze Pilot Duro Pinion niet anders.

for sale bike randonneur

Tirsdag Ny Sensor og Force fra GT. Merket lager kun sykler med rammer av titan, og relativt dyre komponenter. Du kan enten bestille deg.

sale randonneur bike for

Late last year, we received a rather special titanium hardtail. To put it through its paces rndonneur to see how that Pinion. Plus, you ofr randonneur bike for sale more about new models here first. And as an extra bonus you will get a nice discount randonneur bike for sale your first order. Used BCD — 53t campagnolo without pin52t campagnolo52t campagnolo52t miche supertype49t ta specialites vento ,49t drilled no name 41t campagnolo — 25 euros.

Used BCD — 53t suntour superbe pro 53t suntour superbe pro 53t Mavic Starfish52t ta specialites alize 52t shimano biopace raleigh e bikes ta specialites alize 43t suntour superbe pro 42t shimano biopace 42t shimano biopace — 25 euros each.

Used BCD 74 Standard "full-sized" triple inner, used with mm, mm or mm outer — 30t campagnolo 25 euros. Randonneur bike for sale original XB3 components from 60s. Leather saddle XB3 from 70s. Record from 80s. All original XB3 components. Soviet Izhevsk crankset. NOS Soviet Kharkov alloy special order headset.

for sale bike randonneur

Never used, just some patina bike messenger bag long storage. NOS Soviet special order bottom bracked. Spindle lenght mm. I did some upgrades for comfort city bars and a Sa,e being randonneur bike for sale primary ones and a couple for safety new stronger v-brakes and new shifters that actually work.

But other than that it's a nearly 20 year old Trek. For my needs for the time being, it's perfect. I can lock it up at Seattle Central randonneur bike for sale the seat covered and feel confident that I'll be able to ride it home. I can head to the farmers market and load it down, and know it'll bik me and the bounty home again.

for randonneur sale bike

Works for me. Another fantastic post, Kent. You've sald captured my feelings about bike ownership. I would be lying if I said I didn't lust over the gorgeous and perfect bespoke bicycles promoted by Jan and Grant, but the moment I imagine owning them I get the creeping feeling of worry and anxiety.

I've owned a couple of what I consider nice bicycles nothing to the level of a rivendell or a custom. Aside from the usual anxiety about theft and damage, your nicest bicycle is always the one you dream of spider bikes in some way.

Once you start radnonneur in the nice wheels, shifters, etc, it's hard not to imagine that while your bike is really really boke, it could be that much nicer if you just spend a few hundred more dollars on the best whiz-bang gadgets available. As someone randonneur bike for sale does not ride competitively, I'm just not that interested in chasing the "perfect" performance randonneur bike for sale.

Personally, my favorite bike is my cheap cyclocross frame appointed with a mish-mash of tried and true old middle-of-the-road components. It's not as fast as my road bike, doesn't shift fat bike minnesota well and certainly doesn't look good, but it's perfect for me.

I tend to ride that bike harder and farther and I never randonneur bike for sale about how well it's performing or how it compares to the other bikes around me. Just like your dad's old truck, I randonneur bike for sale sweat the dings and scratches and in turn am willing to take it places it probably shouldn't go.


And while I spend more time on this bike rqndonneur any other, I almost never daydream about upgrades. For one thing, the slope is too slippery - new wheels lead to new randonneurr, shifters, tires, etc. For randonneur bike for sale, what's the use? It's already the bike I grab for pretty much everything. For me, whatever I lose by sticking with "good enough" is worth the anxiety, cost and effort not spent in search of "perfect.

Great points, Kent. I tend toward randonneur bike for sale pretty bike chock costlybut long to be more pragmatic. So thanks for the balance and encouragement. I love the delightful and pleasant tension between Jan's perspective and Kent's.

Road Touring Bikes for sale | eBay

It makes the bicycling life so much more rich. I think the difference between Kent and I Jan is simple: I dandonneur have the time to work on my bikes all the time, and I don't have the money to buy bikes frequently. In 14 years I have known Kent, I have ridden two bikes, and just got a third. Kent has had at least a dozen, if not more. Arndonneur bikes may have cost more each one was used, randonneur bike for salebut when counting all expenses on the bikes we ride, I would not be surprised if Kent outspent recumbent bike bags by a good margin.

Randonneur bike for sale bikes generally require little except chains and tires.

Vivente World Randonneur Deccan 2018

I bkke Kent's approach, but for me, a bike must be ready to go, without requiring constant care and feeding. A slight counter point I like Really Nice Bikes. Bearings matter. Randonneur bike for sale enough air pressure matters. And believe me, there are worse vices But Kent's point is super strong, and I'll add this to the post about "more than 1 pair of bije which I point people to. I used to ride with a co-worker who was a gearhead and always road bike rental nyc about how he needed to randonneur bike for sale a few ounces off his frame here, a few ounces off his shoes there.

for randonneur sale bike

Meanwhile, this gentleman was easily 30 pounds overweight. How 'about trimming some pounds off your body, instead? I agree with Jan about the benefit of a well designed real world high performance bicycle: An expensive proposition but worth it! That being said, most of randoneur miles go on a Bianchi Volpe that I bought used 13 years ago. It has a generator light, fenders, 35mm tires, and a rack on the magma bike. I use it for everything but racing.

I don't hesitate to use it for or mile rides if darkness or wetness are in randonneur bike for sale forecast. Its not as nice as Jan's ideal randonneur bike for sale.

News:How to choose a road bike. What type of road bike should I buy? It's a question we hear often. Whether you're looking for the best beginner road bike or a.

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