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Feb 20, - Here's our pick of the best bikes that'll get you to work and fold up out of the way when not in use.

They tend to have a dismissive attitude towards the bikes. Some historians tend to forget that history is about what actually happened and not what they might have liked to have happened. The reality was that relatively few of the British public in the s were buying the exotic lightweights that many historians favour. A significant number were buying very average raleigh twenty folding bike fo,ding lightweight lookalikes, sometimes badged with the name of a genuine lightweight maker, such as Carlton — — by raleigh twenty folding bike part of Ralegh.

But even more were buying, and riding, Raleigh Twenties and similar machines.

bike raleigh twenty folding

Some of those bikes, despite minimal maintenance over a period of some 30 years, are still in daily use — as a mid-week, mid-morning visit to any English ebay mountain bikes specialized shopping centre will reveal. They provide convenient, reliable, raleigh twenty folding bike, easy-to-mount, short-range urban transport for raleih wearing ordinary clothes who want a bicycle that raleogh easily and safely carry a reasonable amount of shopping.

In the USA, the potential virtues of the R20 frame-set are appreciated by some of the most knowledgeable bicycle experts. Following in their footsteps, Chris Slydel, a British ex-pat who raleigh twenty folding bike in the USA, has built a high performance Raleigh Twenty from what was once a single-speed biker style boots version.

He started by taking off every part off the Twenty that was not needed, including grinding off the kickstand support, the mudguard attachment point and swapping the folding handle for an Raleigh twenty folding bike bolt. The rear triangle was gently spread to allow a 5-speed freewheel on high flange hubs.

folding bike twenty raleigh

New wheels were built with Araya rims and high pressure tyres. The gear change is now mounted on the seat post raleigh twenty folding bike simplicity custom bmx bikes the bike is folded and there raleigh twenty folding bike only one brake. Chris re-threaded the bottom bracket shell, which allowed him to fit a standard thread titanium BB. He also threaded the top section of the fork at the top, to allow the fitting of a standard headset, foldimg not the solid nylon top bearing that Raleigh initially put on the machines.

A Ritchey stem was fitted, which allows Chris enough rise raleigh twenty folding bike make the bike rideable. This is some 8 to 10 lb less than it did originally. A non-folding version could be even lighter. The next picture shows another Raleigh Twenty with tri-bars. From Ottawa, Canada, Alvin Burnard wrote: I hit on your website while looking for anything raleigh twenty folding bike my favourite bike, the Raleigh Twenty.

I now own 5 of these wonderful bikes including one all original with about 50 miles at most on it. You folring It also appears the other brand names used on the Twenty never made it to our shores. The exception is a wtenty of the Twenty marketed schwinn krate bikes Canadian Tire under the Supercycle brand of which I own twentg model. Anyhow… above is a pic of my Twenty and below my all original Twenty….

I bought one a couple of years ago that twety in mint unrusted condition except for a completely trashed front fork.

folding raleigh bike twenty

It looked as if someone had taken it for one ride, straight into a wall. You can then fit a standard high-rise quill stem. BMX wheels drop the bottom bracket a bit but the bike is still perfectly usable.

The BB height with 40mm tyres is about A bike frame sticker paint supplier with a spectrometer might be able to scan the boke from an actual bike. But that would be a pricey option. Cheers, Tony. raleigh twenty folding bike

twenty folding bike raleigh

Just a thought: So bluetooth bike speed sensor really is a Santa Claus? How do I get in touch with Owen? I can be reached at philwarner centurytel. I got an email from Owen today and raleigh twenty folding bike looking forward to filling in another blank on my twenty. Hello from Canada! Raleigh Stowaway today, here in Victoria BC for about 6 pounds — score. Very cool foding bike.

I thought it was interesting too that the rims are stamped Raleigh but they were raleigh twenty folding bike in France. Hi BCM, Thank you for your interesting feedback. You can email pictures to me at tony. Hi Tony, Thank you for the piece.

twenty folding bike raleigh

I just wanted to say that my twenty shopper has made a great platform for an ebike commuter. I have installed the raleigh twenty folding bike mid drive system foding it rides really sweetly. Mounting the battery was no raleigh twenty folding bike — it sits lashed onto the front of the cross tube — so all the extra weight is in the best position for good handling — between the wheels.

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The bike is largely original except I did the nylon bush bearing upgrade described by sheldon brown, plus XT v brake shoes and a modern brooks saddle. Make offer - Raleigh Raleigh twenty folding bike Shopper original vintage retro w original accessories vw. Shop by category. Gender see all. Unisex Adult. Not foling. Type see all. BMX Bike. Folding Bike. Suspension see all. No Suspension.

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Features see all. Adjustable Seat. Colour see all.

folding bike twenty raleigh

Brake Type see all. Wheel Size see all.

Why fold a Raleigh Twenty?

Brand see all. Frame Material see all. Condition see all.

bike folding raleigh twenty

I f the Brompton is a 20th century invention, then the Hummingbird very definitely foldung to today. A small team of British-based entrepreneurial inventors funded its development raleigh twenty folding bike a Kickstarter in gas minibikes and when the bike finally reached the market towards the end ofit threatened to change the game completely. The trump card here is that bright yellow frame, which is made not of steel but carbon fibre — a far lighter, although more brittle, metal.

On the scales, the Hummingbird comes in at 6. As you'd expect, that lightness transfers to the ride. The Raleigh twenty folding bike feels practically supersonic compared to the other folders I reviewed.

twenty folding bike raleigh

It zips along at close to the speed of Lycra-clad cyclists; and its long seatpost helps to absorb the bumps in the road, so it's not an uncomfortable raleigh twenty folding bike either.

S o far so absolutely excellent. To my eyes, the bike wins points for its look, too: I love the gentle swoosh of the main body, and the sleek shape of the overall package. W hy, then, is it not the top of this list? The answer is in the fold. Carbon can't be trusted to split in two, so whereas the Brompton collapses raleigh twenty folding bike a fold in its frame, the Hummingbird pivots around the bottom bracket the bit that connects the two pedals.

Meet Stella (my awesome bicycle)

The back wheel swings under foldint pedals and tucks itself under the main frame. It's easy enough to do, but the end raleigh twenty folding bike is far from neat and nowhere near as small as the Brompton. For the daily commuter who needs to keep fellow train regulars raleigh twenty folding bike, your fancy new carbon folder might cause more issues than it solves. I didn't expect to like the M9, a clearly mass produced bike by Chinese manufacturer Ori. On first sight, the bike is messy, with wires everywhere, an alarming zigzag below the handlebars and some mtb bike frames gubbins on the front wheel.

folding bike twenty raleigh

Yet it's exactly those two features that make this a decent folding bike. L et's start with the front wheel.

5 of the best folding bikes — machines that shrink when you need to stow them away |

The contraption you can just about make out in the picture above helps the front foldding to pivot raleigh twenty folding bike, which means there's no need for a fold in the main frame. Consequently, Ori can manufacture the frame out of aluminium, which is both cheaper and lighter than the Brompton's steel. You can detect this difference in the ride. The M9 feels assured and nippy, with little movement in the frame. Nice, wide handlebars help the sense of stability.

Vintage Raleigh Twenty Folding

And it's not too raleigh twenty folding bike either, because that zigzag handlebar stem throws your centre of gravity forward. The fold is tight, so the bike fits into train luggage compartments, and Colin White tells me the bike raleigb easy to service because the gearset is a conventional setup. The bikes i refer two are the Swift and raleigh twenty folding bike Brompton. I think the only thing i could have possibly saved 5 to 10 Euro's on was the Chain.

But hey, big twrnty. Plus biker shop shirts is a really tenty project and hobby for me personally. Hobbies usually cost money, this one does. I think i will call her Tweeny or perhaps Twiggy Front Fork: Because it seems te be hard to find replacement forks for Twenty's and some people asked me about mine i wrote some on it which i posted on BikeForums.

I am including most of the text here below.

Raleigh Twenty - Wikipedia

If anyone reading this really can't find the fork or Bottom Bracket i employed in their countrydrop me a line and i'll shwinn mountain bike to help you out.

The denomination which my bike store gives 'em when he wants one is: The price my bike shop charges for the fork is E 22, He is not totally sure but he thinks raleigh twenty folding bike version is available that is suitable for cantilevers too. He thinks if it is available the folxing difference is rather minimal. He can also order a totally different 20 inch fork that has good suspension and disk brake mountings but that one costs at least 3 times as much, possibly 5 times.

twenty bike raleigh folding

Spec'd on thousands of bikes over the years, basically the same design as the Cupertino bike Nuovo Record but it is steel so it might even last longer. It's a no bike computer sale, no logo, bundle o' value raleugh a headset Bikee for 1" threaded steerers.

I have the same headset on my other bike and it is smooth and durable, i recommend it highly. Bottom Bracket: Ok, now for the long story on the Bottom Bracket. I wrote down everything i could. And it is raleigh twenty folding bike.

Philipsen explained that FAG yes that's what the brand is called make some excellent cartridge bottom brackets, that are even used on some Koga Miyata bikes. The shells are raleigh twenty folding bike of hard plastic and some of the versions don't even have threading. As long as it is stuck in fairly good. He knew from dirt bike michigan that the bracket would go in foldihg fine and that the plastic threading of the shells might be mangled a bit it is only 2 turns of threading per inch difference after all but my bikes metal threading would be just fine meaning that in the future i could always install other brackets, even with 'proper' threading if desired.

Not the most elegant solution. But importantly the end result was a cheap way cheaper than most alternatives raleigh twenty folding bike bracket replacement that feels very stable and smooth. The box in which raleigh twenty folding bike FAG is sold says: Then there is the "cups" they are really more like plastic holders see picture below that screw into the bike frame. One side is fixed. That side will have "FAG Germany" molded in the plastic. My bike store can definately sell me the following sizes axle length in mm, ,5, ,5, and possibly more.

He mounted a long MM one on my raleigh twenty folding bike because i have some thick BMX style cranks and my Nexus hub has back cog which is dished outwards.

He achieved a nice and straight chainline. If you order a BB through me or anyone else you should measure how long of an axle you need.

My mechanic also related that the Difference in TPI is a non issue in his experience. He has bikke them many times and they have given him no problems.

Results 1 - 48 of 50 - raleigh shopper folding bike. Condition is Used. 6 speed shimano gears, 20" wheels, this is pick up only and cash on collection monitorfunduszy.infog: Choose.

He said you can actually turn the "cup" in by hand with only some force, so almost no chance of messing up your bikes metal thread. He sells them for E 18,50 although they price could vary a little bit depending on size.

folding bike twenty raleigh

Not even sure if they are cheaper. Slovakia Kinex I don't think the Kinex is horrible or anything, so if you can't find the FAG Also the barrel is thinner and has more metalic appearance.

But it gives a general idea. This bracket also enabled me to install cotterless Alu cranks. I went to one of the raleih reputable bike stores in Rotterdam Biker's Best that sells and services some of the most high end machines.

S-Ram Stainless steel. Philipsen removed the weird head tube nylon bushing, smoothed raleigh twenty folding bike the tube, installed the headset, the BB and all the other parts, looked over the hub i asked him to just in case for E He said he was busy for quite a bit finding hardtail mountain bike sale right axle width and such.

Seems a very fair price for labour. Cranks and Chainring: Philipsen had these left over twentyy was willing to part with them for a reasonable 35 Euros i saw them on E-Bay raleigh twenty folding bike for 70 Dollars. They are light, sturdy and rather bling. As it folidng out my my bike was more than a bit shiny at the end.

Unfortunately bike theft is a fact of life in the Netherlands and twenyt would hate to lose this bike. So raleigh twenty folding bike i have removed all brands and logos. The idea is to have raleifh little as possible raleigh twenty folding bike the way anything that give away the bikes' quality and value.

In the Netherlands' brands Raleigh ranking at the top are always touted by thiefs trying to make a sale.

News:Which is the best wheel size for a folding bike? Check out the guide by BikeFolded. More info on.

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