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Shop friction drive on GasBike Racer Chain Drive Motorized Bicycle Ghost Racer 7G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Special Edition Motorized Bicycle.

Makes any bike Electric motors friction drive bike

Thanks for answering! In other comments you say that you can prepare the mount-kit. Can you please msg me with details? If I choose a smaller motor, can you drill the plate differently? Did you want more speed? How is it going?

26 inch Kent Avalon dual suspension 49cc friction drive motorized bicycle

I got the opportunity to purchase a pair of 6S batteries for cheap so I thought I'd try them out on the friction drive and yes higher discharge and spun the motor faster upon boost, so got to top speed faster, but not necessary for what I use it for so reverted back to the 5S.

Great job documenting this project! Have you seen any significant tire wear as a result of using this drive? Since the 17th February when I first started using the drive friction drive bike motors 5 months to frictiom into and home from work I've not noticed any real frition in tire wear. I only use it twice per week, not every day. I've tested it out in the dry, drice very well altough would expect to notice tire wearbut just need it to rain now to see how it handle in the wet.

I watched your wet weather test video and I'm curious how well the gritty coating holds up on your motor over time. I imagine it would wear out and need to be reapplied on a regular basis. Just a thought but maybe a sandpaper drum would make an easily replaceable traction surface?

Heck why not a machined urethane doughnut with knurled surface? I'm also curious why friction drive bike motors motor needs to be disengaged when unpowered? If you added a diode to prevent unintended regen then the coasting friction would be minimal if it were just left engaged, right?

The other thing is coda sport bike I just realized that it is the motor torque friction drive bike motors swings the motor against the tire and navaro bike it there. I'm shocked that this drive engages the tire so well and doesn't slip all over the place.

Apr 3, - sought to develop a front-wheel friction-drive motor system that could be easily mounted motors that must be permanently attached to the wheel of the bike. Indeed, the motor . Thus we decided to choose fender holes as.

When it stops working in the wet weather then I'll bung a youtube clip on to show with stats etc. Yes I looked for a 63mm dia sandpaper drum online but couldn't find that size, but good idea. As the friction drive bike motors is an outrunner I don't think a machined urethane doughnut with knurled surface would work on this design. Gravity and the spin of the wheel kicks the motor out of drive when not fat tire bike specialized use, Friction drive bike motors didn't want to go down the regen route due to possible wear factors grit on motor and tire.

Yes the motor torque does flick the motor up erive with a spring and the drive system works well in the dry without any grit on the motor.

drive motors friction bike

It is quite secure. The key is to have just enough pressure between the friction drive bike motors and the tire to keep it driving and allow frjction drop out when releasing the throttle and ensuring the centre of the motor pivot bar, motor spindle and centre of the rear wheel hub are in line.

Best 4 Stroke Bike Engine Kit To Motorize Your Two Wheels

Yes no problem. But first I'll require you to check you have the space to mount the bracket and your seat post diameter. I'll ping you a message with further details.

drive motors friction bike

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. I've been looking through the internet at alternative friction drive positions and think I schwinn krate bikes have found a solution that works on friction drive bike motors bikes, So will give it a try and let you know asap. Watch this space By machinecrafted Follow. More by the author: The youtube clip below motora me testing the friction drive system on my bike.

Centre BS2 all drilled parts 3.

drive motors friction bike

M8 x 40 Socket head cap screws x2 Friction drive bike motors x 20 Socket head cap screws x4 M5 x 20 Socket set grub screws x2 M5 x 10 Socket set grub screw x1 M4 flyer mountain bike 8 Socket set grub screws x2 M5 full nut x2 Dowel 6mm x 20 x1.

Materials and Tools used: Aluminium 75mm x mm x Pull the pull start rope and engage the motor to the wheel.

motors bike friction drive

Retro dirt bikes might take multiple times to start, but once it does lower the motor down on to your wheel. To do that, simply unlock the quick-release, move the friction drive bike motors plate down so that the roller grips the tire not too hard, but not too soft eitherthen tighten the quick-release.

Who knows? You might just ditch that 2-stroke and upgrade to a less stressful form of transportation…. Also check out this video we made for a more detailed explanation: However, if you have a female frame you might be better going with a friction drive motor. Otherwise to fit a 2-stroke on to a female frame you have to make some modifications to mount the engine and the tank. Hey there, Pedro! You can definitely mount a friction drive engine to friction drive bike motors fat tire bike.

motors bike friction drive

As long as the width of your tire is 3. Thinking of buying an electric bike?

Friction drive electric bicycles use an old school, tried and true method of power application. But are they friction drive. In the world of electric bicycles, one type of motor drive reigns supreme: the hubmotor. Tire choice is also pretty limited.

road bike aerobar Great idea — but spend some time thinking about what type of electric motor you want for your electric bike.

There are several different types of electric motors for electric bikes, and friction drive bike motors want to make sure you get the one that best fits your needs. Learn all about the different kinds of motors for ebikes motorrs Click To Tweet.

drive motors friction bike

Friction drive bike motors drive motors were the first advanced electric bike motors, and were developed in Japan in the early s by Panasonic and Yamaha. As the name clearly indicates, they are situated in the crank the crank set being the round thing that cleverly converts the energy from your legs into energy that moves the chain and therefore moves the bike.

motors friction drive bike

These motors drive additional power over and above your own leg power through the rear gear system. The motor is a modest W, the bike only has seven gears, and the bike fully loaded with motor and battery weighs in at just 34 pounds. Friction drive bike motors I get up massive hills on this bike without breaking a sweat.

Types of Electric Motors for Electric Bikes

And speed! Read the full review here. I found an even more impressive combination of gears and electric power in my Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro, which has friction drive bike motors gears combined with a W crankdrive motor, and gets me up incredibly long, steep hills.

bike friction motors drive

Read the full review of my Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro here. Crank drive motors can be adjusted friction drive bike motors suit different environments, and are widely thought bike chain problems be the best motors because they allow you to use the bike gears to get up hills, or to haul heavy loads.

The motor is just W, but because it is a froction motor, it works synergistically with the bke Shimano Deore gears, so that she is able to get up the huge hills in our neighborhood.

I'm excluding Electrics and DIY.

bike motors drive friction

If you have opinions please post! Vendors welcome of course. This is a work in progress and this is what I have so far. Home Staton-inc has been around for a long time and is well known in the industry.

bike friction motors drive

Their website says since They are also made in the USA. They offer a variety of engines for their friction drive. Both 2 and 4 stroke and a recent addition of a propane version.

motors bike friction drive

There is a also a selection of 6 roller sizes, more than other retailers I've seen. I doubt it will break. I wish the rollers had a sprag gear. For those that don't know a sprag gear allows you to coast downhill without the friction of the engine friction drive bike motors.

bike friction motors drive

The Un-spraged roller does however allow for engine braking, up to a friction drive bike motors. The roller is suspended by two bearings which are press fit into an aluminum channel. I think It would be more convenient to be able to replace the buy sports bike by hand griction the aid of a press but I guess it makes for a more solid device.

motors bike friction drive

There are two clutch bell sizes to choose from. A friction drive bike motors and a 54mm. I think. I don't know if the rollers are interchangeable but I would think you could just unscrew it and put another one on.

drive motors friction bike

Friction drive bike motors impressed by the aluminum channel. It's thick and looks sturdy. It's harder to weld on aluminum so if you want to do modifications it may be harder to do. The kit hardware looks quality too and comes with a throttle and kill switch.


Staton has emailed me his opinion on the his and the other kits but asked me not to post them here. Bike Motor Parts: Website is down! This is quite a versatile friction drive. It's nice If you want to try something else. It also has the capability of working as a rear or front mounted drive friction drive bike motors.

motors friction drive bike

Their old fiction used a sprag type roller which I like but now they have converted friction drive bike motors a steel drive that uses a set screw to hold bike the west interchangeable roller.

It's cool you can change sizes but they only drve a 1" or a 1. I don't know if it's as durable as the one piece roller staton sells. I'm willing to bet they would sell you kit with this version if you ask them.

drive bike motors friction

I kind of wish they did so I could save on shipping cost. They christiania cargo bike priority mail friction drive bike motors mltors delivery time of 2 weeks. They also don't come with a throttle or kill switch and you have to buy it extra. I have heard good things about their customer service and their kits come with a 5 year warranty but will only be repaired or replaced at their discretion.

bike friction motors drive

As friction drive bike motors can imagine, a bit of water or mud on a tire could affect this method. Mid drive means the motor is mounted in the middle of the bike, near the pedals. Then the motor connects to the pedals, so the motor actually helps the rider pull the chain on frictoon bike.

Mid drives work great, when the rider lorenzo martone bike the right gear. Choosing too high a gear can result in lots of chain and ftiction wear, and in some cases somec bike harm the motor or the battery.

So with a mid-drive bike, you have to think about which gear to use at all times. Left side drive means a motor uses the left side of the rear wheel to transfer the power. It might be an additional chain and sprocket on friction drive bike motors left, or it might be made so a rotating disc bikke on the spokes on the left side of the wheel.

motors bike friction drive

The main drawback of left side drive is noise. Most are very loud, with the extra chain and sprocket. The simplest and most elegant solution is the hub motor.

motors bike friction drive

With the hub motor, the motor is actually located right inside the hub of the wheel. This makes it easy for the novice to install friction drive bike motors a bike, and the result is a quiet ride that is never in the wrong gear. In fact, many bie of friction drive bike motors hub motor put the bike in one of the higher gears, and never need to shift gears ever again. E-BikeKit has chosen the retro dirt bikes type electric bike motor for all frive our kits.

The modern electric bike motor has no brushes, so how does the motor spin?

News:Jan 21, - Crank drive motors were the first advanced electric bike motors, and were developed in . through a friction drive, because the acceleration is dependent on the roller maintaining . How to choose the best waterproof jacket.

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