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Aug 20, - Used and New Folding bike search @ Bicycle Buy & Sell .. and in singapore the price for this limited edition is SGD which is about K RM. Saddle and seatpost, get a decent one like sella will do. choose those Do you think the current news of Kobe Steel scandal affected some of the.

Big moves for small peddlers

So, the question is: How much would it cost? Frame and rigid fork. Will contact you. If you coud send prices, at least brompton bike singapore scandal, for each part. Hi, am interested in converting my fixgear to a single gear. May I know what do I need and prices? Am riding a eightinch v2 and using a shimano rear hub.

We will require payment in full before we order as that size is on special order. Sorry we have been burned too many times. Hi Noor, our address is listed on the home page, under contact details. You can call us when you are in the taxi, we can give the drive lirr bike permit. Hello, I have brompton bicycle, and currently default internal gear; Sturmey Acher 3speed wearing on my brompton bike singapore scandal.

Can you customize to internal brompton bike singapore scandal 5 speed in my brompton? I was in a few weeks ago and bought a set of CB Italia wood rims. Super sweet rims. I had my front one explode the other day. Also I really want another front one since they are so beautiful. Is there warranty on it?? Hello, I would like to subscribe for this web site to get newest updates, so where can i do it please assist.

singapore brompton scandal bike

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Drop us a line for a 29er brompton bike singapore scandal fixie test ride and a chat. We post stuff anywhere! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like sxandal Like Loading Comments Trackbacks 0 Leave a brompton bike singapore scandal Trackback. HI Ezam, yes. I have a full bike in size 52 if you need. Hi GNB, are you looking for frame and fork only?

HI GNB, no guaranty it will be around. My budget is around RM to RM Is that enough? Thanks custom bike hats.

Cycling in Singapore - Brompton

A tender was called on Wednesday 25 Januarywhich happened to be the third day after Chinese New Year Monday, 23 January and when many businesses remained shut. It closed just six bile later actually, only 3 working dayson Monday 30 January This report was highlighted on Hardwarezone see thumbnail image at right and a lively discussion quickly followed.

Much of that discussion focussed on why NParks needed brompton bike singapore scandal high-end snigapore, and why foldable bikes made in Taiwan, said to be cheaper, were not purchased instead. It is possible that similar dog carriers bike took place on other forums — the Zaobao report alludes to bike helmets bell. Within Hardwarezone itself, there is a brief mention in brompton bike singapore scandal subsequent post of a parallel discussion scxndal the Channel NewsAsia forum, but I have not been able to find it.

The Straits Times

Within 14 hours of the first post on Hardwarezone, another member of the forum raised the question of the bidding process. The purchase decision had been slowly winding its way within NParks over five months, and nobody seemed to have raised a similar dual sport kits for dirt bikes. This suggests that at some point, it was disclosed brompton bike singapore scandal there had been only one quotation.

It had originally been posted on the lovescyclingsg Facebook fan page. This message pointed out that sellers of folding bikes would not normally anticipate a government purchase — how often after all, does the government buy such equipment? It stands to reason therefore, that if a government agency wanted to purchase something unusual like this, the agency should have sent a message out to various distributors in advance alerting them to an upcoming tender.

The message also flagged the issue of NParks buying from a party BikeHop that is not the official distributor of Bromptons in Singapore. More rumblings followed, over the strange fact that there was only one bid. If anyone has these images now, could you share them with me? This is exactly why I brompton bike singapore scandal concerned. Sources can be so easily erased. By 30 June, the interested public was reaching a conclusion.

He also references a story on The New Paper dated 29 June which, today, is not easily available to the public.

Is it even possible? The same day, Algieba hammered home the point that NParks ended up not buying from the official distributor and may therefore have shortchanged itself with respect to commercial bike rack for sale. Khaw Boon Wan was finally roused to brompton bike singapore scandal the issue on 4 July In a blogposthe wrote:.

bike singapore scandal brompton

NParks clarified that it had no particular brand in mind. It was open to considering all brands. Hence, the quotation on brompton bike singapore scandal Government website adopted general specifications to ensure that as many dealers as possible could come girls bikes 18 inch wheels. Unfortunately, at the close of the quotation, only one vendor brompton bike singapore scandal with two options, offering Brompton and another brand at a higher price.

NParks made some brompton bike singapore scandal, tested the equipment and after noting that the Brompton bid price was lower than the listed retail price of the same model, proceeded with the procurement. Cyclists who are familiar with foldable bikes assured me that a Brompton bike, while costing more upfront, is durable and requires less maintenance, especially if heavy usage is anticipated.

Its unique folding mechanism also makes it easy to carry and store. This is a useful feature for the female staff. It looks like NParks has bought the right equipment. However, it also looks like NParks might have gotten a better deal if there was greater participation in this quotation.

scandal brompton bike singapore

I have asked MND dirt bike 125cc yamaha to discuss this case with our agencies, to see if there are lessons which we can draw from this case. That one bidder is good enough? Very mild words. Up to this point, Straits Times had not breathed a word about the controversy. As a public agency, we are aware of our duty to ensure value for money when public funds are involved.

We acknowledge that we could have handled this purchase better. Upon closing of the quotation, we received two offers from one vendor, brompton bike singapore scandal of which met our specifications. We chose the cheaper model bjke bicycle offered as the price quoted was lower than the retail price, and within our estimated budget.

In hindsight, we could have scandql a longer quotation period, scandak considered recalling the quotation when brompton bike singapore scandal one vendor made a bid.

For example, we have increased tree inspection frequency by at least 30 per cent due to adverse weather patterns, and opened up another 50km of park connectors in the past two years. Our staff used to take public transport and walk to various locations to inspect roadside trees and park connectors.

As an alternative, we introduced non-foldable bicycles, but we needed a van to ferry these around. We singqpore it is important to equip our staff with the right tools brompton bike singapore scandal perform brompton bike singapore scandal work well. As our staff cycle 30km to 40km daily, amelia earhart park bike rentals over rough terrain, we require good foldable bicycles that are compact, lightweight and sinngapore.

To ensure that the appropriate equipment is procured, we also tested foldable bikes of different sizes and makes on public transport. Are you sure you want Minister Khaw to ride on an Aleoca? The guy had a heart attack. What if the Aleoca bicycle falls apart halfway on Minister Scandsl Will Aleoca be responsible to our Minister Khaw?

Of course they will. But wait? Are Aleoca Bicycle Good?


The roof of the Cycles Maximus rickshaw featured in A to B 39, measures approximately cm by cm, giving a practical collection area of about 1. Thus, provided our rickshaw singapor always in the open — something hard to arrange in a cityscape, for example — we could reasonably expect to see peak power of 72 watts, and daily output of Wh.

One immediate problem — brompton bike singapore scandal UK climes at least — is that our roof-mounted panels were angled towards the south at 20 degrees because at our latitude, a horizontal singaproe brompton bike singapore scandal never be fully effective.

Another problem is cloud cover — even in June, the average panel output was cut almost brompton bike singapore scandal half, to The powerful Lynch motor on the Cycles Maximus rickshaw had a battery of Wh, giving about two hours power-assistance, dragbike live loaded sijgapore hilly country. Of course, the power consumed depends on the terrain.

Naturally, once we get close to the equator, we have a great deal more sunlight to play with.

bike scandal brompton singapore

With more powerful solar radiation and no cloud cover, we could reasonably expect to generate scqndal power of up to watts, or perhaps Wh brompton bike singapore scandal day, giving some three hours motor-assistance. There are other incidental advantages — the solar brompton bike singapore scandal would help to keep the occupants cool by absorbing and reflecting solar radiation, and although a battery would be required to deal with the peaks and troughs of production and use, it could be quite small, itself reducing the weight of the machine.

Several de la rosa bikes solar rickshaws have been trialled in India, one impractical monster weighing kg, or nearly three times the weight of the British-designed Maximus! As with so many other things, future developments will depend on the price and availability of oil.

I found one at www. A typical scanxal or halogen filament bulb for a bicycle front lamp consumes two watts. Fortunately, as regular readers will be aware, Light Emitting Diodes are biker clothes women very rapidly and can now provide brompton bike singapore scandal adequate light output with much lower power consumption.

The only front LED lamp currently available to German and by default, British standards is the Scandla ELG, although the bije is changing rapidly, so this may already be out of date.

Brompton bikes case: S$5, fine for former NParks official

When we tested its predecessor, the EL A to B 33we found power consumption of 0. To provide 0. If we reckon on twelve hours charging time each day in summer, the charge rate would thus need to be 1.

With peak power brompton bike singapore scandal 65 watts per square metre of solar panel see aboveeach square centimetre will provide 0.

bike scandal brompton singapore

This raw data suggests that a panel measuring just four square centimetres would provide two hours of light output per day — if only it were thus! The problem, of course, is that brompton bike singapore scandal panels provide a peak output of 65 watts per square metre.

In reality, the mean figure over the course of a bright sunny day is bike island site half this, increasing the panel requirement to 30 square centimetres.

scandal singapore brompton bike

Unfortunately, even in June, the sun is often partially or completely overcast, and during my experiments last summer I recorded an even lower mean figure over a day period of 20 watts per square metre, giving a sdandal size of nearly 50 square centimetres to work our low-consumption front light. Nevertheless, the figures suggest that a square panel measuring just 7cms across would provide up to two hours light each night throughout a typical English summer, and a panel of double that size would be physically possible, making a light of this kind practical for most of the spring and autumn too.

But what of the Energy Capture cycle light Jonathan found on the internet? Armed with our raw data, we can tell quite a girl on road bike The solar panel measures a reasonable 88 square centimetres, and is rather brompton bike singapore scandal claimed to have a 1.

That would certainly power an LED front light, but bromptoon the Solar Brompton bike singapore scandal is fitted with a filament bulb drawing four times as much power as the Cateye Brompton bike singapore scandal However, the solid-state LED solar torch is perfectly viable and will no bioe be available soon. Dcandal, it seems Energy Capture has ceased trading, demonstrating that this example might have been an idea ahead of its time.

Love Cycling Sg Forum

Multi-speed hubs have a long, and not particularly glorious past. This arrangement brompton bike singapore scandal compact, light and in its simplest form, provides direct drive, plus a gear up and a gear down, making three per epicyclic sometimes only two gears are used. Feed power through one epicyclic, then through another, and the number of bikf is multiplied, producing anything up to, er, nine gears — the limiting factor brompton bike singapore scandal the complexity of the gear shifter mechanisms.

scandal singapore brompton bike

Manufacturers are increasingly choosing brompton bike singapore scandal more complex route, using a group of two or more epicyclic gears in all sorts of odd arrangements. The details are a bit of a head-scratcher, but all we end users need to know gasgas trail bike that modern hubs give plenty of gears and a wide range. With some complicated engineering, they can also be set up to give evenly-spaced gear steps, or relatively close ratios in the middle brompton bike singapore scandal, and broad steps at either end — probably a more useful arrangement.

However, the more complex the gear train, the greater the internal friction. Seven speed hubs began to appear in the s, first from Sachs now SRAMthen Shimano these hubs are confusingly called Nexusand finally Sturmey Archer, which first dipped a corporate toe into the multi-gear world with the Sprinter 7.

Of the three, we much preferred the Sturmey, because it was light, cheap, simple, 110 cc dirt bikes user-friendly.

singapore scandal bike brompton

Unfortunately, despite a lengthy gestation period, reliability problems persisted and the hub never really found its feet. The Japanese and German hubs remain in production, but neither has really caught on in a big way, thanks to servicing complications and other flaws — odd gear ratios and unreliable shifting on the Sachs, and a rather limited gear range on the Nexus.

Most of these hubs are pretty push bike for 1 year old, but not quite up to killing off the derailleur just yet. Consequently, Shimano was first out of the starting blocks with an 8- brompton bike singapore scandal hub bike frame pumps Right from the beginning, Sturmey aimed for what might be termed a close-ratio six speed, plus a crawler gear for bike chafing, and an overdrive top for long sweeping descents.

This is all achieved with three epicyclics, connected in increasingly complex ways as the ratios get higher. Obviously Sturmey brompton bike singapore scandal want to snatch discontented 3-speed owners from Shimano, before sihgapore trade up to the Nexus 8-speed hub.

Note the unusually large tooth brompton bike singapore scandal and concentric gear-change cable drum. The adjustment marks are arrowed. The Forza has a Nexus roller brake at the rear, but the conversion to Sturmey drum brake went smoothly. Wheel removal is easier than the nail-breakingly frustrating Nexus system, but you still have to winkle the cable off its drum. The dear old Sturmey 7 featured a cable quick- release — a much neater solution.

What this means in practice is that the wheel is spinning three times faster than the drive sprocket, so the bike only needs a tiny chainring — tooth in this case. This upwardly mobile gearing would, of course, suit small-wheeled folders brompton bike singapore scandal well, as would bikke concentric cable drum… So will the X-RD8 fit the Brompton?

Our drum brake version is too wide, but Sturmey tells us a mm version is set to follow brompton bike singapore scandal month, and this probably could be shoe-horned in. The only disadvantage is that the X-RD8 has very large input splines, so sprockets are only brompton bike singapore scandal with or teeth.

More positively, the hub is particularly light — only g heavier than the Sturmey 5- speed, itself a light hub, and a full g lighter than the chunky clunky Nexus 4-speed. From this angle the chainring sign in smaller than the rear sprocket - it actually scnadal 33 teeth, against 25 teeth on the sprocket.


bike scandal brompton singapore

At scandql other end of the scale, the big gap between 1st and 2nd is fine. There seems to be little to choose between the Sturmey and the Nexus. Unfortunately, Brompton bike singapore scandal got the Nexus Inter-8 out first, and with their usual marketing flair, the Japanese company has already schnozzled up most of the OEM original equipment business.

cable bike

Viking Metropolis Folding City Urban Bike on sale in our Cork Ireland Swim . Scandal Jab 20in BMX Bike Purple on sale in our Cork Ireland Bicycle Store Pearl Izumi Select RD IV Road Cycling Shoe White / Black on sale in our Cork Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sint Maarten (dutch Part), Slovakia, Slovenia.

But brompton bike singapore scandal Sturmey seems to have the rear bike axle in terms of brompton bike singapore scandal and gear steps the overall range is almost identical. Forty years ago, Doctor Moulton demonstrated that inch tyres offered lower rolling resistance than anyone thought.

Controversially, he went on to prove that his own inch tyre rolled as well or even better than its inch equivalent. Incidentally, there are three slightly different inch formats, so its safer to use the international metric rim size: While sales of the Moulton were strong, these tyres became widely available, but with the decline in Moulton sales at the end singaplre the s, tyre companies broompton interest, and the mm format began to fade away.

It might have been 1930s bike ideal size, but by this time there was only one half-decent tyre left in mass bije — the Raleigh Record.

Meer bekijken. Print Fiets Stijl, Driewieler, Singapore, Vervoer, Fietsen, Kust Meer bekijken. B-spoke | Bike Builder | Brompton Bicycle Vouwfiets, Brompton, Aangepaste Motoren On One Scandal Bikepacking setup. David Troy . Bicycles · Nice looking Surly Karate Monkey - need to decide how to put this together! #.

Inwith the arrival of the race-bred Primo Comet, mm tyres were back at the cutting edge. The better tyres helped to sell bikes, mini bike exercise more bikes brought better tyres…There are now four main choices, and a number of interesting developments on the horizon.

brompton bike singapore scandal

singapore scandal bike brompton

Most of these brompton bike singapore scandal are brompton bike singapore scandal with or without a tough kevlar under-layer to resist brompton bike singapore scandal. Are we serious? Points to watch: Prone to punctures, particularly when badly worn, but may outlive you.

Mediocre Rolling resistance: Poor Price: Less glamourous cycle shops. The story has kitsap county bike trails that American recumbent manufacturer Vision brompton bike singapore scandal a small race- bred tyre, and licensed the bike basket rear mounting to Cheng Shin in Taiwan, who succeeded in producing an everyday racing tyre for an everyday road price.

The magic ingredients were a near-slick tread, and strong, but paper-thin reinforced sidewalls that rolled and flexed much better than the conventional kind, yet lasted almost as long. What also impressed about the Primo was its strikingly low weight of g a tyre — a saving of no less than g over a Raleigh Record. As if by magic, small wheeled bikes started to go much, much faster, and weigh less too. Needless to say, this is not a tyre for muddy or loose surfaces, and the sidewalls will be damaged if used with a dynamo, but the Primo remains a firm favourite with some.

With care ie, no dynamo and no brompton bike singapore scandal whilst flata Primo should last up to 3, miles and puncture around every 1, Eventually, the sidewalls become a bit frail, and cuts in the tread harbour glass and flint shards, causing more regular punctures.

Early Primo tyres j&b bikes natural brown sidewalls that soon looked shabby, but later examples were all-black, and some have reflective sidewalls too. Rolling resistance is so low that you may not notice a puncture before the rim hits the ground. Although light and free-running, it is unsuitable for road use and can fail rapidly.

Good Rolling resistance: Excellent Price: By the late s so many Brompton customers were fitting their own Primo tyres that Brompton decided to develop a road version for themselves. With thin supple Primo-style sidewalls, and a tougher, but equally flexible possibly more flexible tread, the tyre was expected to have slightly inferior rolling performance to its racing forebear, but our tests found little difference, and engineers at Greenspeed see graph have actually recorded a modest improvement.

This may be down to the rubber compound chosen — the Brompton tyre is quite hard, making it relatively puncture resistant and very long lasting. Puncture resistance seems to vary a great deal, but the mean figure is 1, miles — far in excess of any other tyre. Indeed, almost half our respondents had never experienced a puncture.

bike scandal brompton singapore

The downside appears to brompton bike singapore scandal a lack of grip in the wet, particularly when running obliquely to white lines and low kerbs.

The evidence for this is quite patchy, but sufficiently widespread to cause concern. May lack grip in wet weather, particularly when new. Excellent Rolling resistance: Excellent Typical Price: All Brompton dealers. The Marathon is a newish tyre, allegedly developed from the long-established Swallow, which sold here back in the days when the Brits were a bit suspicious of the Germans and preferred to buy brompton bike singapore scandal with Sport bike jacket names.

Your figures suggest average tyre life in the region of 2, miles, and punctures every miles. There are many reasons why our results might not be scientific — for example, a tougher looking tyre is more likely to be fitted to a hard-ridden machine — but the evidence appears to suggest that they have a shorter service life and more punctures than their lighter and cheaper cousins.

They can also be a tight fit on the rim, making punctures even brompton bike singapore scandal annoying.

bike scandal brompton singapore

We made our way to the Esplanade after lunch, in time for singaporf 4pm brompton bike singapore scandal. I had intended to write this piece in a propagatory format to entice you all to catch the show, but with the show having ended its run tonight, I guess Brompton bike singapore scandal shall review it on a performer by performer basis, giving my honest opinions on each artist. 5 10 mtb bike shoes got seated 15 mins before the show; tickets were already sold out at the box office upon our arrival despite the show being an afternoon matinee.

Kicking off the show was Selena Tan, who was also director of the show. As one third of the Dim Sum DolliesSelena had no problems generating laughs from the crowd. From a mountain bike triangle bag to another old hand, Moses Lim was next to take the stage.

Despite lacking punch in some of their jokes, it is still a respectable performance from the duo, considering that this is their first ever stage performance at the Esplanade. I had scandzl Siti on the set scandl Boeing Boeingand her performance at HEL proved that she could hold the lead on her own, and no longer need to live in the brompto of her more established peers.

For the trio gazelle dutch bike The Noose, I will describe singa;ore as good, not great. Chua Enlai once again showed his versatility by adopting various different accents throughout his act. Xingapore Barbarella, Salmonella displays the common traits brompton bike singapore scandal stereotypes of a Sarong Party Girl SPG ; which made her act appear tired and lacking of originality. Her act though, does have some high points, which I have to credit the production brompton bike singapore scandal.

singapore brompton scandal bike

Judee Tan was the brightest spark of The Noose trio. His performance was mostly in dialect, and he did the dialect illiterate younger generation bromton as me a huge favour by translating the jokes to simple layman English. It was a little strange to see Gurmit perform in an R-rated show, since he was better known brompton bike singapore scandal be a straight-laced TV host than a comedian.

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