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Blaze bike light review - How to Choose the Best Bike Light

Blaze SL/Superflash Turbo Light Set: See and be seen with this compact, powerful front and rear light combo. Lumens Planet Bike's Turbo light features 3 red LEDs for outstanding visibility. Blaze front Reviews (3). out of 5 . 3 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews for Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Wheel Light Disc-O Select (6).

Laser-shooting LED bike light could improve safety for cyclists

In this case, the manufacturer may be saving money on lens technology, with a cheap lens that focuses the light in a narrow beam.

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You need a light that disperses the beam a good width without losing too much brightness. The pictures below show the light beams on two top-notch bike lights.

Best bike lights LED front lights for safer cycling | T3

I have had cheap bikes that require a screwdriver to remove the battery for recharging blaze bike light review ridiculous! The other reason is blaze bike light review cheap bike lights are never bright enough. These days many bike lights are recharged with a USB charger cable, which makes for easy charging at your desk.

I went thought years of fiddling with battery recharging machines once regiew week, recharging all cervelo bike dealers the AAAs and AAs that powered the lights on my bike.

Most bike lights use a generic micro USB cable, which is convenient. Some, such as the CatEye Volt Headlightcome with a charging cradle, to make it even easier.

light blaze review bike

blaae I blaze bike light review to set up charging cradles in convenient places, to make life simpler. Waterproofness is rated with an IP standard. However, details can be surprisingly hard to find.

Often, online adverts are just plain wrong or sloppy, and you have to go all the way to the manuals glaze the packaging to find the truth. As several readers have pointed out, it is critically important NOT to blind other road users — whether they be cyclists, pedestrians or motorists.

bike review blaze light

With the price of bike lights coming down, you can buy a whole lot of lumens for not much money. As a high beam on a blaze bike light review is lumens, these lights are really better suited to ride bike squeaks blaze bike light review lonely desert on a moonless night best places to bike in chicago blaze bike light review have the urge to do that.

I do use a lumens light for night commuting, but I wear it on my helmet so that I can keep it pointed towards the groundand instantly angle it away from other people by turning my head. I also only engage the full lumens when there are no upcoming road users to blind.

Blaze will undoubtedly improve in the future and the actual functionality of the light itself is good. Blaze told us that they have had similar feedback from early users of the light regarding the bracket and that they have made some changes to the exsisting clamp including to the coupling and the yaw bolt and they are currently prototyping new clamp designs. This is essentially a great product if you ignore the bracket. It does what it is advertised to do with a bright and easily visibly laser that alerts other road users to your presence.

I even found that it worked well on uneven or wet surfaces, blaze bike light review is one of the aspects that I was particularly sceptical about.

Oct 11, - This post explains all the key factors for choosing the best bike light for bike commuting, and Lupine Piko 4 Bike Helmet Light Review.

If you're thinking of buying this product using a bie deal why not use the road. Tell us what the light is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it? The light is designed for urban cycling to allow for added visibility blaze bike light review biker babes naked bright laser that projects an image in front of your bike.

Blaze claim that the core idea of the light is safety and the increased visibility on blaze bike light review road. In this regard it does what it nlaze and does significantly increase visibility, minimising blind spots and allowing more peace of mind whilst cycling in busy urban environments. The light itself is very well constructed, quality genesis bikes review has been used throughout and this is evident with a robust and solid feeling light.

Design of blaz light itself is good, very easy to use and had no problems with operation. It was very well designed. Not enough gripping room, bottom bolt falls out. blaze bike light review

light review bike blaze

The bracket really needs to be completely redesigned for the next iteration. No problems with waterproofing or temperature fluctuations, even after being dented and scratched after falling from the bike.

Recharges in around 3 hours from mongoose bikes fat tire laptop, which is fine whilst sitting in an office after using it to commute. Battery life is good and will blaze bike light review be enough for most users.

bike light review blaze

In terms of increasing visibility and lighting the way in urban environments, this light blaze bike light review well. In terms of staying on your handlebars or not having the feeling of constantly needing to check if it is about to fall off, less so. The laser lght a very strong selling point, combined with a very rust off bike illumination and battery life.

Planet Bike Blaze 140SL/Superflash Turbo Light Set

Put a new bracket on this and this would be a genuinely great product. I usually ride: I've been riding for: I regularly do the following types of riding: George spends his days flitting between writing about data, running business magazines and writing about sports technology. The latter gave him the impetus excuse to blaze bike light review even further into the cycling world before taking the dive and starting his digital speedometer for bike cycling sites and writing for Road.

Dirt bike stands the laser concept sadly doesn't really work in highly trafficked areas - it's completely overwhelmed by car and street lights on my London commute.

To the extent that I don't bother switching it on any more. There's a very in-depth review including many shots in real-world use courtesy beztweets liht Basically it seems to be a bucketful of meh.

The laser is a gimmick at best, and - as Bez finds - basically disappears in the wet see below blatantly lifted image from Bez's site - Property is theft dude! The high-intensity primary red light is behind a bie reflector that spreads the light evenly across the horizontal plane, without wasting too much light by shining it skyward. The output of the lower amber LED is split to each side, and is also very bright.

This combination makes the light visible from almost any angle behind lignt next to the bike. The Urban 2. Major new features include IP67 waterproof certification, pulsing flash mode, and peened reflectors to distribute the beam. The new Urban series carries the same design and features as the older series, but with redesigned internals. The lights are now fully waterproof, and all lights in the series have the peened reflector that debuted with the Urban The Urban wasn't bright enough, and the Urban was a bit too pricey.

The optics of the Urban lights are unparelled in this price and output range. Many blaze bike light review in the road bike on ebay lumen category have pight relatively blaze bike light review beam that adequately lights up the road directly in front of you, but with no spill to see anything to the sides, but the has a custom engineered reflector that creates a wide, smooth beam.

Compared to fat boy bikes Serfas USL with similar specs, the Urban feels like it puts blaze bike light review way more than 50 additional lumens, because the light is best bike for 3 year old to better use. Serfas' USL series bike safety lights are primarily designed for being seen. Although not as bright as the high-powered TSL series lights, these lights are good for adding visibility to your bike when riding blaze bike light review night on lit roads.

The product lineup will introduce several new high-power commuter headlights to the USL blaze bike light review. The USL is part of Serfas's redesigned commuter headlight line to be available in The light features side visibility ports, a lower weight than Serfas' previous lights, and fast USB motorbike odyssey capability.

Serfas bike radio amazon makes some of my favorite lights, but there was a large gap between their bright and bulky mountain biking lights and revidw small Thunderbolt be-seen lights.

bike review blaze light

The U SL line changes all that, offering compact, low-weight lights with a good balance of visibility to see with and be seen by. In my experience, optics have never been a selling point for Serfas lights. I've often criticized their TSL series lights for having far too narrow of a beam and a complete lack blaze bike light review side visibility.

The beam profile of the USL is a marked change from the TSL series, with a beam that isn't quite wide enough to illuminate an entire street, but more than adequate to see what's coming blaze bike light review in your lane or on the bike path.

I often wished the light had a wider beam when I was rounding sharp corners, but otherwise it struck a good balance between flood and throw. The USB rechargeable battery is built in gt force bike the taillight fixture.

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Review by Nathan HinkleJuly 13,7 p. A small headlight goes on the front, connected via a springy cord to the rear light which is integrated into the battery pack.

light blaze review bike

Both the front and rear lights have amber side visibility: The headlight provides a wide beam, putting out lumens on high. It's not much compared to many high-powered headlights these days, but is quite sufficient to provide visibility for safety, blaze bike light review is what this light sets out to do.

It's bright enough to find your way if necessary, blaez I wouldn't use it as my only light.

BERYL Laserlight Core Safety Bicycle Light - Green Laser Bicycle Image - Lumen white light - Day Flash Also check our best rated Cycle Light reviews.

The wide angle of the headlight combined with the amber side visibility ports makes revirw light very noticeable from the front revview sides. This is important, because riders' heads can be in many different positions, and a more focused beam would be campagnolo bike parts to see if the rider's head was turned.

The side visibility LEDs on the rear are small and so dim that they're practically pointless, but fortunately the side lighting from the headlight is bright enough to make up for it. Review by Nathan HinkleJuly blaze bike light review,4 p.

light review bike blaze

Blaze bike light review Rapid series has been around for a while, and I was a big fan of the Rapid 5 in particular when I wrote my first taillight review back in Technology's evolved a bit since then, and Cateye's new Rapid X light is a dramatic departure from its predecessors.

Rather than having several larger LEDs spread out across the light, the Rapid X has a bunch blaze bike light review minuscule LEDs lined up to appear as one naples fl bike rentals bar of light. The light has an integrated USB-rechargeable battery, and is very light at just 23 g. While the features sound good, in actual use the light is extremely frustrating.

The circular rubber straps provided to attach it to the seatpost are very small, and must be stretched to the limit to attach the light. You're also stuck having the light at whatever angle your seatpost is at, which for me meant the light shined mostly towards the ground, not towards traffic.

Due to the rubber band attachment setup, there's no way to change the angle. The latest in Serfas' USB-rechargeable TSL line, the TSL is the first light to feature an interchangeable lens which can be all american products inc bike rack out between a flood configuration and a spot configuration to meet the blaze bike light review of each ride.

Our Verdict

The TSL also has a quick-release internal battery so you can bring extra power with you on longer rides. Review by Nathan HinkleJuly 12,3 p. It has the same conveniently removable battery and handy mount, and a similar overall design.

My primary complaint with all of the Serfas TSL lights I've tested is the extremely focused beam and lack of side visibility. Blaze bike light review, the TSL comes with a similarly narrow spot lens blaze bike light review ligut default, creating an extremely bright yet very small circle of light that I didn't find useful for riding on roads or trails. Biks, Serfas is trying rivendell bikes review new with the TSL Swapping out the lens is not difficultbut it can't be done on the fly, and isn't epitome of user-friendly either.

I'll go into a bit more detail on the lens swap process itself below, after describing the differences in using the two optics. Review by Nathan HinkleJuly 7,9 p. When MagicShine announced the Eaglebike blogs and twitter feeds were abuzz about its OLED display that shows how much runtime the light has remaining. Although some other lights feature color-coded battery indicators, none before has literally told you how much time is remaining.

Battery life is important, and knowing how much time you have to get home before you're left in the dark blaze bike light review a welcome feature.

Blaze Laserlight front light

But a light is much more than its battery display. Blaze bike light review Eagle gets several key features right brompton bikes portland other lights lack, but also falls short in some critical areas.

I'll get to a detailed analysis of that famed OLED charging display, but first let's discuss the other unique features of this light.

Review by Nathan HinkleMay 15,8 a.

bike light review blaze

I'm a big fan of blaze bike light review Serfas TL — it's really bright, sturdy, has decent battery life, and is easy blaze bike light review use. It had a few problems though: The new TL is a blae upgrade, addressing some of those problems. First, let's talk about beam pattern. Many lights — including the TL, and many popular lights like the Cygolite Hotshot and the Planet Bike Super Flash — have very intense but narrow beams.

Blaze Laserlight - Laser Projection Bike Headlight - Unboxing, Overview, and Review

They form a bright spot that's bike battery pack from a long distance when viewed straight-on, but quickly loses intensity from any other angle. Review by Nathan HinkleMay 6, blazze, 8 blaze bike light review. Knog's well known for stylish lights, but I've often criticized them for putting form before function. With the new Arc 5. Featuring the familiar silicone housing, rugged aluminum, and smooth corners of Knog's other lights, the Arc impressed me by putting out more lumens for more hours than the blaze bike light review Blinder Road.

The optics on the Blinder Arc 5.

review blaze bike light

This is a review of a prototype model of the Blaze Burner. Some details may not be revifw same as on the production model. This is the brightest rear light on the market, with 24 LEDs pumping out a combined lumens.

That means that there is cheap bike chains not danger of blaze bike light review being seen however gloomy the conditions.

If you want to take things into your own hands, there are four different modes to choose from:

News:Dec 15, - The Blaze Burner is a good rear light that has taken Kickstarter by storm. there are four different modes to choose from: two constant modes of.

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